Multiple Teams · Cross Country Runner of the Week

Angela finished 9th this past weekend at Garcia Park. Her time was 12 minutes and 59 seconds for two miles. This is Angela’s first year running cross country. She is a three year Letterman in basketball and was named All South Texas second team in track this past season. Angela was asked a series of questions read her responses.


Why did you choose to run cross country?


I originally joined to help stay in shape and prepare myself for my upcoming sports: Basketball and Track. Plus it’s my senior year I thought why not try something different.


What is the best thing you like about cross country?


I like how it’s challenging, it’s not easy, and you really have to push yourself. The only real competition is yourself. It’s a nice feeling to see yourself improving daily to the point to where you can run 4 to 5 miles every morning and feel good about it.


What is your goal for this cross country season?


I really would like to make it to regionals. So I put that as my goal for my cross country goal.


What advice can you give students wanting to join cross country?


It is hard, but you have to be willing to push through it. Pain is temporary. Not only in cross country, but in every sport you do and in life. You have to push through, do not give up, no matter what and in the end your going to feel great.