Multiple Teams · Runner of the Week

Alfredo Rodriguez is Moody’s runner of the week. Alfredo has been a constant fixture with the Trojan’s cross country program. As a freshmen, Alfredo medaled every meet he ran in. As a sophomore, Alfredo suffered an injury early in the season which side lined him for the year. This Alfredo has made all practices, which began in June. He also recorded a person best time of 18:47 on a tough course. Alfredo has next year achieve all his and the team goals. These are some questions we asked him here are his responds.


Why did you choose to run cross country?

All of my family runs and I want to be the best and the fastest runner in my family.


What is the best thing you like about cross country?

I love the feeling of being unbroken when I run by myself and especially with my team.


What is your goal for next year?

I want to lead my team to the state championship next year.


What advice can you give students wanting to join cross country?

Cross Country is the sport of all mental because whether you’re fast or slow, you must always remember that the only person who can stop you from winning is you.